Among the many network or cable series using Sync-N-Link are:

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Sync-N-Link will save you money because:


Get your dailies ready in minutes instead of hours

Have an assistant or intern use Sync-N-Link to batch synchronize dailies in one pass, instead of the time consuming process of synchronizing and merging one clip at a time.

Here’s how pre-edit syncing works

Here’s how pre-edit syncing and multiclipping works


Edit with camera audio and substitute multi-track audio after picture lock

With Sync-N-Link the entire project can be edited with camera audio. When at (or near) picture lock Sync-N-Link will substitute the camera audio with the multi-track audio. This is a unique Sync-N-Link feature that eliminates the entire pre-edit synchronizing of dailies/rushes completely.

Here’s how post-edit syncing works



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