Taking the Boring out of Post
ser•en•dip•i•ty (noun)

The Assisted Editing software products are a development of Intelligent Assistance, Inc. - its co-developers are Philip Hodgetts and Dr Gregory Clarke. The impetus came when Philip was working on a long form documentary and realized that most people would never see the majority of the footage, no matter how interesting it might seem. What started as a way of exploring that "back story" material, has evolved into the first tool that lets editors create first cuts, super fast - a serendipitous discovery!

The balance of skills - Philip as a long term editor who is capable of analyzing the decisions he makes as an editor and Greg who translates that into a "first cut" algorithm - is the magic that makes the First Cuts for FCP software possible.


Philip Hodgetts

President and CEO

Mr. Hodgetts is a corporate manager with over 20 years of experience in gourmet food manufacture, promotion and distribution; university textbook retailing; digital video production; video-based educational design and production; and education systems and software development. He is President of Intelligent Assistance, Inc., a small company specializing in software and content for "on the spot" training for digital content creators and related software development.

While in Australia he was a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors - the highest level of membership, which requires that the member has "had five years experience as a director of a significant company or a government business enterprise."

His communications skills became so renowned, through countless publications as well as his Digital Production BuZZ podcasts, that he’s been the keynote speaker at such prestigious events as the Emmy Technical Achievement program and last year’s National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention.

His responsibilities for Intelligent Assistance include implementing the strategic direction, planning and business management, and representing the company to the board.

James Mathers, President of the Digital Cinema Society, described him best when he recently wrote ?Philip is at the forefront of digital postproduction and distribution.? Mr. Hodgetts got there through more than 25 years experience in writing, producing, directing, editing and motion graphic design across the entire production spectrum - education, corporate, documentary and National TV commercials. He's been described by Bruce Nazarian, President of the DVD Association, as someone who "continues to be a leading-edge thinker, and prognosticator of advances in our industry." In short, Mr. Hodgetts not only knows where we are going but how to get there.


Dr. Gregory Clarke

Vice President Technology

Dr. Clarke combined the intellectual focus necessary to achieve a Doctorate in Medical Science with his passion for computer programming (since 1982) to become an expert in twelve programming languages and to achieve project management experience in all stages of software/web application development.

His co-developing the unique ?Do it Now!? just-in-time training methodology for LearnDYNAMICmedia lead to his Executive VP of Technology position for Intelligent Assistance, where he formulated the company's IT and software development strategies for their successful line of software training products.

As co-founder of Intelligent Assistance he has implemented the klickTab technology that powers the Open Television Network, Intelligent Assistance’s Assisted Editing software and other technology innovation. His wide-ranging skills are put to use in setting the strategic direction for the company's technology, and then supervising a growing team of programmers to bring that vision to market.