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How it Works

Sync-N-Link for FCP looks for audio whose free-run Timecode matches a video clip’s Timecode (although a matching video and audio clip don't have to start at the same time, have the same duration, or even have the same frame rate).

However, a multi-day shoot can produce many video and audio clips that have a similar Timecode.

Sync-N-Link for FCP will use the bin organization of clips in Final Cut Pro's Browser window to find the right replacement audio clip: it matches to the audio clip closest to the video clip in your bin structure, even if other audio clips have similar Timecode.

For example, a video clip in the bin "Day 1" (or any sub-bins of "Day 1") will match with an audio clip in "Day 1" in preference to an audio clip with matching Timecode in the bin "Day 2."



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