Taking the Boring out of Post
ser•en•dip•i•ty (noun)

First Cuts Studio for FCP (Documentary):
Save weeks by automating the first cuts

Automate your first cuts and take weeks out of finding the story in your long form documentary material. Explore the footage as stories instead of as clips and get to a result much faster (with or without a skilled editor) for just $295.

Log your clips into bins in Final Cut Pro; pass the bins to First Cuts and get back a fast first cut immediately, with story arc, b-roll and lower thirds.

Never face the frustration of an empty sequence again - explore story content as a series of fast first cuts.

First Cuts creates a first cut that will have:

A good, FAST First Cut! You can even get an edited sequence trimmed to the duration you want.

First Cuts Studio for FCPFirst Cuts Studio for FCP (Documentary) also includes Finisher and exceLogger for FCP in the same application - that's a $218 value bonus! Finisher for FCP takes an A-roll edit and adds B-roll and lower thirds appropriately in just seconds. Perfect for previews for producers or financiers who may not fully understand a "work in progress". exceLogger for FCP unlocks the power of Excel for easier Final Cut Pro logging.

First Cuts Studio for FCP is available now for $295.