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Finisher for FCP:
Automatically finish "radio cuts" with B-roll and lower third titles

Go from audio cut to ready-to-view in seconds; speed your finishing workflow while cutting the cost! Take your A-roll edit and send it to Finisher for FCP to add B-roll and lower third titles, automatically, faster than a skilled editor using "intern-level" talent for just $149.

Finisher is the perfect tool for the end of the editorial process. When you’re close to finished with your basic assemble – the so-called “radio cut” where the entire focus has been on telling the story – send the Sequence and bins of b-roll out to Finisher to get that finished polish in minutes.

Finisher will use all the log notes prepared for First Cuts to produce the best results, but Finisher does not require any metadata. Quality metadata will always improve the results but you’d be surprised how good the results can be from some very simple notes.

Two Modes

Finisher has two distinct uses: as an adjunct to First Cuts for FCP 'finishing' work in progress for preview screenings to producers or financiers; and secondly as a great tool for rapidly, and inexpensively, creating simple 'trade show' style videos, where there is a basic single-take interview and b-roll to be added. Testing of this second mode at NAB 2009 gave us a case study demonstrating that it is possible to scale the editing of these videos and reduce cost by using Finisher and inexpensive (Intern-level) talent.

Everything First Cuts does

Finisher will give you quality results similar to First Cuts because it uses the same smarts. You’ll get appropriate B-roll – with audio level adjusted down proportionally and faded in and out, Motion Template-based Lower Thirds for everyone in the appropriate places, and a black slug at the end for a clean finish.

More control with Sequence Markers

Force B-roll location and duration with Sequence Markers (with duration.)* Perfect to cover camera reframes or zooms or that person who walks right through the shot. A great way to tell Finisher that this series of quick fast (mostly audio) edits needs to be covered with just one piece of B-roll, or use it creatively to place shots again music or narration.

Sequence Markers can optionally have B-roll search keywords in the Description field. Clips with B-roll search keywords (along with the keywords in the clips) will provide a higher quality result than Sequence Markers without B-roll search keywords.

Forget about the metadata

Even without the (very minor) effort of entering a few keywords, Finisher will still build a B-roll track for you out of the available B-roll shots. You’ll still need to trim your B-roll (and make that A-roll cut) but after that, we’ll do the rest. (You might want to put the name of the person on camera in the A-roll clip so we’ll use your Motion Template and build your lower thirds as well.)

When you’re close to finished and you wish it were just “done”
get the Finisher on it.

* Sequence Markers must have duration – that is they must be extended from where you want the clip to start (M on the keyboard) to where you want the clip to finish (Option + ` or Extend Marker)

Finisher for FCP is available now for $149. Requirements: