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ser•en•dip•i•ty (noun)

First Cuts - How does it work?

First Cuts uses the Serendipity Editing Algorithm invented by Intelligent Assistance to automate the production of technically competent fast first cuts, ready for a skilled editor to polish and finish.

Using the log notes made in Final Cut Pro, First Cuts builds stories based on the story keywords you’ve entered in Final Cut Pro. Story keywords can be combined and rearranged to produce a different version of the story from First Cuts. It works well as an interactive tool with Final Cut Pro: explore an edit, then do a different version, or try a different duration. 

Being able to produce fast first cuts so quickly:

And it doesn't require any more logging than you'd do for a documentary!

The edits produced by First Cuts are designed as a fast first cut. They are competently edited, with a story arc and appropriate use of B-roll and lower third titles for on-camera interviews. They are not expected to be emotionally compelling nor release grade “finished”. First Cuts behaves as a beginner editor, not a craft professional who knows how to manipulate emotion and tell a story across the whole documentary.