Reactions to the preview:

"Very Impressive. I think you should call it Matchback Magic! Seriously, you're really going to save some people's lives with that."
Michael Wohl

"This is going to be a must have for working with double system (which we almost always do with the RED). Looking forward to it!"
Brent Altomare

"Well hot damn! Now I wish I was editing with RED! "
Shane Ross

Satisfaction Guaranteed

For those working with merged double system clips or proxy workflows

Robust, bulletproof media management for Final Cut Pro

When working with self-contained merged clips or proxy clips for editorial, there is no margin for error: the slightest change can make it impossible to match back to the original, higher quality (or separate media) files.

Matchback Magic overcomes this limitation by making Final Cut Pro media bulletproof. Imagine being able to match back perfectly to ALE file or Final Cut Pro sequence even though:

Even with all these problems Matchback Magic will do a perfect conform after editorial.

IMPORTANT: Matchback Magic will protect your media even if you never need it. The free demo can protect your media so, if you ever need it, you have a recovery path.


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