“For those of us who have to submit all kinds of reports to the network (stock footage used, music clips, VFX, narration ins and outs, images, graphics, etc.) this is truly a godsend.”
Cirina Catania, Producer

“Indispensable tool: Responsive developers, simple and functional. I have used, tested and abused everything made by this company and everything they make shines.”
Mike Matzdorff

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Eliminate Clip Reporting hell!

Producer’s Best Friend

Every Report you need from Final Cut Pro X, in a formatted spreadsheet with no EDL or copy and paste!

Producer’s Best Friend creates a formatted .xls spreadsheet report (for Numbers, Excel, Preview, etc.) about the video clips, audio clips, titles, generators, markers, keywords, effects, and transitions you've used in Final Cut Pro X (10.0.6 or later). Producer’s Best Friend reports on Clips in an Event, Compound Clip or Project timelines. The report includes sheets for:

Producer’s Best Friend takes the tedious work out of creating all kinds of clip usage reports. Report on clips in an Event (like Batch List in Final Cut Pro 7), clips in a Compound Clip or clips in a Project.

Producer’s Best Friend can generate music use reports as well as Video and Audio Effects, Roles and Subroles, Transitions and Markers directly to a fully formatted spreadsheet, without the convoluted use of an EDL or copy/paste techniques. 

You can choose which Roles to include in the report (Video, Titles, Dialogue, Music, Effects, and any roles and subroles you’ve created), and Preferences lets you choose whether times are displayed as seconds, frames, feet+frames or HH:MM:SS:FF timecode format.

For just $99.99 Producer’s Best Friend extracts all the information from an XML export of your Events, Compound Clips or Projects and formats it in an Excel spreadsheet in seconds. Why spend days doing a boring task when it can take minutes?

Producer's Best Friend


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