“Great app. In 10 minutes I organizing my tracks. I generated 4 reports for the network in the next 15 minutes. Yay!”
Patrick Inhofer, infiniTV

“I'm really loving the software (though not quite as much as my archive researcher, who has been having to use EDLs up until now!)”
Saul Budd

“And thank you... for making my life so much easier!”
Liza Douglas, Tom Jennings Productions


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Eliminate Clip Reporting hell!

Sequence Clip Reporter

Is a Producer's Best Friend

No more parsing EDLs or copy/paste to Excel to make your sequence shot lists and music cue sheets!

Sequence Clip Reporter creates an Excel spreadsheet report about the video clips, audio clips, titles, filters, transitions and markers you've used in your Premiere Pro CC (or Final Cut Pro) edited Sequence or Bins. The report includes sheets for:

Sequence Clip Reporter is a Producer’s best friend! It takes the tedious work out of creating clip usage reports and music use reports as well as Filters and Markers directly to a fully formatted Excel spreadsheet, without the convoluted use of an EDL or copy/paste techniques. 

For just $99 Sequence Clip Reporter extracts all the information from an XML export of your finished Sequence or Bins and formats it in an Excel spreadsheet in seconds. Why spend days doing a boring task when it can take minutes?


Sequence Clip Reporter


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