“Just purchased Sync-N-Link X from the Mac App Store. In 10 seconds I finished everything I had planned for the day. Just plain incredible. Thank you!”

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Batch synchronize before editing:

  1. Optionally batch rename your clips using a naming preset - see http://help.apple.com/finalcutpro/mac/10.0.3/#ver16e105 for details.
  2. Export the Event to Final Cut Pro X Event XML and import into Sync-N-Link X.
  3. Choose whether to have the synchronized clips named after the video or audio clip names.
  4. Optionally create QuickTime reference movies for compression and review.
  5. Optionally name and assign Audio subroles to audio tracks.
  6. Export new XML from Sync-N-Link X and import into Final Cut Pro X ahead of editorial.


Advantages over creating merged clips manually:

Sync-N-Link X


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