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Ever wanted to know which sequence your clips have been used in?

Is Clip Used?

Do you want to know which clips have been used in which sequences in your project? Is Clip Used? updates your Browser clips using a simple menu command.

Is Clip Used? sets the clipsʼ Label 2, Comment A or Comment B column (your choice) to the sequence name or names where theyʼve been used.

Is Clip Used? is an applet that shows as a menu item in the right-hand side of the menu bar. Choose the Browser column to use for the sequence name or names from the menu. The name of the Sequence or Sequences where the clip is used will be updated in the chosen column of the project immediately. If a clip hasn’t been used in a sequence, the field will be set to blank; if a clip has been used in more than one sequence in your project, the field will be set to all the sequence names separated by commas. You can easily undo the Browser column change by choosing Undo.



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