“Very cool, very cheap, very necessary. I couldn't imagine editing in Final Cut Pro X without it.”
Larry Jordan


Event Manager X — free but obsolete!

Event Manager X was replaced by FCP X 10.1's Libraries. If you want a Library Manager for Final Cut Pro X 10.1 or later, we recommend Artic Whiteness' Final Cut Library Manager.

For Final Cut Pro 10.1, Event Manager X can help you control the upgrade of your Events and Projects to the new Libraries — here's how.

For Final Cut Pro 10.0.9 and earlier, Event Manager X gives you control over your Events and Projects so you can manage what you want to be visible in Final Cut Pro X’s Event Library and Project Library. It allows you to create Sets: combinations of related Events and Projects for instant reload. It also tracks Events and Projects that are on offline storage devices, so you can properly ensure all relevant Events and Projects are mounted.

By default Final Cut Pro X 10.0.9 and earlier, will show you all  Events and Projects on all mounted storage devices. Apple offer a manual answer in their support document Final Cut Pro X: Hiding Events in the Event Library, but there is no way to keep track of Events or Projects not visible or on unmounted storage devices, nor any way to quickly bring up a combination of Events and Projects that match a particular job, or are related to the one client.

Event Manager X does all this and much more. You see the full state of the mounted storage devices, including hidden Events and Projects; see the Events and Projects on unmounted storage devices; and can control combinations of Events and Projects as Sets for easy reconfiguring between jobs or clients.

Event Manager X allows you to:

Note: Event Manager X does not work with SAN locations mounted using Final Cut Pro X’s Add SAN Location... command. Final Cut Pro X allows you to connect to multiple SAN locations — use these locations to create combinations of related Events and Projects and Final Cut Pro X will only show you Events and Projects in the SAN locations you’ve connected to (see Final Cut Pro X: Xsan Best Practices white paper).

FCPX Event Library, FCPX Project Library, and Event Manager X




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