“Another piece of the puzzle: I have tested, used, and consulted with Philip and Greg on this software. It works as advertised. If you're making a feature film this is a crucial part of the process. This company makes great, great tools for serious post-production workflow.”
Mike Matzdorff


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Because picture lock is never really locked...

Change List X

Finally, you reached picture lock and send the project off so the sound department can start work. Which they do. Except a week or two later, there’s just “a few minor changes when the director took another pass”…

And that’s where a Change List comes in. Because “Final” is never “Final” and “Locked” is regularly “Unlocked” again.

Change List X analyses two Final Cut Pro X Projects and produces a change list comparing the Primary Storylines of the two versions of the edit.

What is a Change List and who uses them?

Change List X


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