Editors on Sequence Clip Reporter:

“I cannot tell you how helpful this is...and how much of a time saver. It does a lot. The associate producer here is absolutely GIDDY about it...”
Shane Ross

“Just bought this program... AWESOME...”
Mike Nichols, The Edit Doctor


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Sequence Clip Reporter will get you home earlier by:

Sequence Clip Reporter's Preferences lets you choose whether durations are reported as seconds (for easier spreadsheet calculations), frames or HH:MM:SS:FF timecode format.

What reports does it create?

Reports can be further processed in Excel for formatting and additional detail, if required.

You can choose to create thumbnail images of the video In point at sizes from 40 pixels wide to 640 pixels wide. Thumbnails are saved as JPEGs in the same folder as the Excel spreadsheet and are named using the row number and clip name.


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